The Third and Final Book of The Dark Oak Chronicles.

After all of the victories and the losses, with fortresses toppled and armies broken, a once united human realm has been shattered; its people scattered within unending forests.

Dark Oak, former King of the Dryads, stands ready to unleash his forces against not only humanity, but also the Dryads, the Sylphs, Oreads and Naiads; all humans reborn as the spirits of the world itself.

Sir Tolucan sets out on the final leg of his quest to bring down the relentless Dark Oak, who commands a terrifying horde, armed with weapons that can kill even the Immortals.

Can Morrick the woodcutter find redemption in the final days of the greatest war that the world will ever see? What will become of his wife, Rowan, and their children?

Jacob Sannox invites you to take up arms and to stand with the Immortals, as the battle to save not only humanity, but the cycle of life and death itself, begins ...

Available for Kindle, in paperback, hardback and (soon) audiobook formats on Amazon.

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