Jacob Sannox was born in 1984 - the year, not the book - in Bedfordshire, England.

He completed a psychology degree at University College London, and he has had an unusual career ever since, including three years of a PhD, six years selling tyres and…the list goes on.

Jacob’s influences include JRR Tolkien, Gavin Maxwell, George RR Martin, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King, Patrick O’Brian, Bernard Cornwell, Lee Child and Cormac McCarthy.

He loves watching the Red Sox, playing Dungeons & Dragons, LARPing, playing acoustic guitar, listening to country music and, of course, reading.

He lives with his partner, their three teenagers and two rabbits, who run the house.

He is the author of The Dark Oak Chronicles and The Return of King Arthur.

The Dark Oak Chronicles is a dark epic fantasy trilogy, including Dark Oak, Age of the Dryad and soon concluding with The Devising. Dark Oak was a semi-finalist in Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO competition in 2018.

The Return of King Arthur is an Arthurian fantasy trilogy that is set both in various historical time periods and in the present day. It is made up of The Ravenmaster’s Revenge, Agravain’s Escape and the soon-to-be-released, Tristan’s Regret. The Ravenmaster’s Revenge was a semi-finalist in Mark Lawrence’s SPFBO competition in 2019.