A short story anthology, written by 12 authors, and successfully funded through Kickstarter.

‘The skull bell tolled, but only Lena heard it.’ – L.L. MacRae (Bone)

Fear is universal - a shared human experience that provokes awe, curiosity and terror. It feeds our anxieties, elevating our heartbeats and driving the instinct to survive. But what are we afraid of – and why?

Each story in this anthology seeks to answer that question, blurring the boundaries between horror and fantasy fiction.

A collection of tales written to evoke feelings of discomfort and despair, fear and fascination in equal measure – inspired by the different parts of our own fragile, breakable, all-too-mortal bodies.

Ranging from dark, blood-stained gothic streets to haunting visions of otherworldly beings to drug-fuelled paranoia trips that twist reality, The Anatomy of Fear is an exploration of the dark realms of the mind.

Available in ebook, paperback and audiobook formats on Amazon.