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  1. Well, time's rolling on, and I've got caught up with some other commitments. Preparing for an exam in March is absorbing much of my free time, so the writing is in hiatus at the moment.

    I'm up to 63,000 words on Knight Errant, but there I have sat for a couple of months. I will get back to it soon!

    On a more positive note, the ideas are coming thick and fast; my notes file is looking like it may burst soon. The second instalment of the Dark Oak Chronicles looks set to answer many questions, shed some light on mysteries and enhance the world-building.

    I've always loved fantasy, but it's no secret that my heart has belonging in Middle-Earth ever since my mum used to read me the Hobbit at bed time. I spent years writing fantasy that I felt was no good as it was too derivative. The Dark Oak Chronicles is the product of 25/30 years of reading, writing, roleplaying and storing ideas for later use. In the first book I explore the concept of a world where clearly defined good and evil comes to an end, leaving mankind in a far subtler world. It's not a world which anyone could love, I feel, including myself. However, I wanted to take an imaginary world back to ground zero and see how a fantasy world could develop and build from a state of devastation.

    I also wanted to take pragmatic characters who have been seen as heroes, and see what happens to them once the black & white scenario they originally faced has resolved.

    I'm enjoying Knight Errant (book 2), and I think there is at least one more instalment needed as a minimum to get through the main strands. When I get there, I'll see whether there is any affection for the world itself!

    I am still plugging on, but won't be producing as much until mid-March, unfortunately!

  2. Today I've hit 46,927 words of the second book of the Dark Oak Chronicles, Knight Errant.
    The end of book one left me with some difficult times ahead - intentional, but still difficult. 

    I always find the first few chapters relatively easy, then towards the middle I feel like I'm trudging up the steepest part of the slope. I get the sense the ground is about to level out for a while and then drop away. The words will come easier, the pace will pick up and the ending will thunder on in!

    I've been listening to Brandon Sanderson's college lectures about creative writing, and, after a hard week, I treated myself to the first Mistborn book as well as The Black Prism by Brent Weeks and The View From the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman. 

    Also managed to squeeze in a meeting of the Registry of Unusual Absences meeting at the local alehouse. Alcohol was consumed, ideas kicked about and a good time had by...both of us.