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  1. Despite a very busy period for my day job, I have three ongoing projects at the moment.

    The first is an audio-book production of the first Dark Oak book. 

    The second is Knight Errant, book two of the Dark Oak Chronicles.

    The third is a standalone novel about King Arthur in a modern setting.

    I am hoping that the audio-book will be available by the end of 2018 - fingers crossed.

    I have finished the first draft of Knight Errant, and I am taking a break before diving into the second. I am aching to get back to it.

    The standalone novel is going to be a little shorter than the Dark Oak books and was a project to throw myself into, in part, to take my mind off the Dark Oak series. I'm not yet sure how I would categorise it, but it's set in modern England and draws in much from history and legend. I'm about halfway through the first draft.

    It's an exciting time, but also challenging, plagued with self-doubt. I'll keep on plugging away at Knight Errant and the standalone, hoping to get one completed and ready for publication in the next few months.

  2. This year marks my first time entering the SPFBO competition run by Mark Lawrence; a contest that pits self-published (or indie-published) authors of fantasy fiction against one another, judged by book bloggers and vloggers. 

    I have my fingers crossed that Dark Oak gets some positive feedback, at the very least!

    I am within sight of the finish line for completion of Dark Oak 2: Knight Errant. About ten thousands words to go now with about ninety thousand in the bag.

    It has taken me down some unexpected paths, and I can't wait to crack on with the second draft - that's where the magic happens!